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Unlock the Full Potential of your Financial Services Software.

Increase Access to Critical Data. Improve Business Decisions.

In a world where technology moves at the speed of light, the difference between average and exceptional company performance can be measured by an organization’s ability to leverage the power of its data.

Focal Front integrates directly with your existing financial services business software and provides a streamlined way to search your data as well as, group, sort and filter results.

Our software can be configured for many different applications, although our primary specialty is in working directly with financial services companies who want to improve and grow their Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) business.

Focal Front for Wall Street Office

Focal Front has worked with a major asset management firm specializing in CLO’s to design a solution which extends data analysis and reporting capabilities of it’s current Wall Street Office (WSO) implementation. With this configuration for WSO you can define group access levels and put Focal Front in the hands of team members in areas of operations, compliance and portfolio management. Benefit from pre-defined CLO data searches that assist with understanding loan, trade settlement and compliance data. Or, build and save your own data searches, share them with your teams, export the results for further analysis, or integrate the information into other systems in use by your organization.

  • Track & Manage
  • Capital Activity
  • Portfolio Management
  • Trades
  • Position Levels
  • Cost Recovery
  • Accretion & Accruals
  • Month End Analysis
  • CDO Financing

Integrates with Your Data Warehouse and Other Internal Solutions

We recognize that most asset management firms use multiple industry-standard software products to manage their CLO data, and many have even supplemented their enterprise solutions with proprietary technology. Focal Front has demonstrated success in integrating with multiple asset management platforms, including internally-developed solutions. When your company uses Focal Front as your data analysis solution across multiple platforms, your organization will benefit from a common data analysis interface for all end-users.


Extend the Life of Legacy Software

Avoid switching software solutions, which can be an expensive, time-consuming and risky process.


Remove the Tech Work

Access complex datasets without having to understand database structures or query languages.


Real-Time Data Analysis

Get your data right from the source - how you need it, when you need it.


Power Search and Guided Analytics

Build and store intelligent searches for consistent results. Group, sort and filter data on your terms.


Centralized Data Analysis Portal

Connect to multiple data sources and benefit from a common user interface across products or platforms.


Data Extraction

Retrieve data to share with colleagues, or for further analysis.


Improve Data Quality

Identify and close data gaps in your current business systems.


Integrate Your Data

Deliver information to your organization’s data warehouse, CRM, or other system of record.


Greater Operational Efficiency

Reduce the time and effort required to get critical information into the hands of those who need it most.


Better Decision-Making

Take advantage of data-driven decision making to drive business performance.

Just Some Facts

Focal Front is making a difference in the lives of financial services professionals. We are partners with the organizations we serve and we are consistently identifying and implementing tools that drive results.

22 %

Workplace Productivity

450 MS

Average Time to
Retrieve WSO data

100 %


Who We Are

Experienced professionals with a passion for helping organizations and their teams make the most of industry data.

Focal Front was formed by enterprise software veteran Rob Aquila. Recognizing a pattern of unmet needs across industries relating to ease of data access, especially with well-established legacy software products having large footprints, Rob set out to design a solution that could make lives simpler, less frustrating and more efficient for those dealing with mission-critical data on a regular basis. This was the genesis of the Focal Front solution, born in 2016.

Today, our focus remains the same. We continuously strive to innovate, challenge ourselves and listen intently to the needs of our clients in support of their long-term success. We provide SaaS-model software solutions as well as consulting services for large, complex software initiatives that are central to a company’s operations.

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